:: screenshots of WinCPC ::

WinCPC is emulating...

here you see WinCPC during emulation


built in debugger

debugger with register view, ROM, RAM and bank viewing options upto 576kb,
disassembly in Z80 or 8080, hexdump and stackview.


CRTC and soundchip registerset, gate array palette register,
currently selected ROM and banked RAM,
cassette deck and floppy controller status,
hexdump of loaded disk image.


accurate screen emulation

adjusting brightness, contrast and vertical hold.


accurate sound emulation

all sound output options are manually adjustable


Configuration of input devices

WinCPC supports digital and analog Joysticks.

Keyboard mapping. If you like, you can map the joystick to keyboard.


Burn ROMs without an EPROM burner

All ROM images are available to cap....


WinCPC, the perfect developing evnironment

built in Z80 assembler with comfortable editor and syntax highlighting.

built in 8080 assembler. Maybe, you have to correct a CP/M program...?