:: MacCPC - Amstrad CPC Emulator for OS X ::

MacCPC   MacCPC is the C and Objective C port of my second Amstrad CPC emulator called WinCPC.

In 2009, I decided to learn programming on a Mac and installed Xcode, bought books about programming. I began to port the complete WinCPC core to C. View and Controller are written in Objective C. Meanwhile, this emulator runs fine :)
Maybe, there will be an iPhone version of it...

(Thanks to Ingo and Peter from 0x02100.silutions.de for introducing to Mac programming.)

MacCPC download:

MacCPC 0.9.2 (alpha) (build for OS X 10.5 and OS X 10.6)

MacCPC is nearly complete:

* FDC emulation is complete. In MacCPC, stepping rate is considered as well. :-)
* PSG/sound rendering is complete.
* CRTC/VDU emulation is complete. If desired, PAL emulation can be switched on.
* Tape emulation is complete.
* DSK and ZIP support.
* CDT and ZIP support.
* SNA and ZIP support.
* Integrated debugger a la WinCPC.

todo list:

* completing debugger
* monitor switching support: green, bw, colour
* monitor brightness/contrast
* digiblaster support
* keyboard mapping
* gamepad support
* loading/saving breakpoints
* saving screenshots
* load binaries

So be patient, I will finish MacCPC. And no, I do not discontinue WinCPC ;-)

some screenshots of MacCPC in action: