:: links ::

Here you will find a selected list of very interesting links around the world of our beloved cpc....

:: other CPC emulators ::

Caprice32 (CPC emulator by Ulrich Doewich)
WinAPE32 (CPC and CPC plus emulator by Richard Wilson)
JEmu (JEmu by Richard Wilson)

:: german websites ::

www.cpc-forever.com (german CPC community, thanks guys for testing WinCPC)
www.bernd-leitenberger.de/kildall.shtml (in memoriam, Gary Kildall)
www.prodatron.net (Prodatrons website, programmer of the fantastic SymbOS)
www.gaby.de (CP/M and computer history)
de.wikipedia.org/wiki/CP/M (MSDOS vs. CP/M)
cpc.devilmarkus.de (jemu cpc emulation site in java)

:: english websites ::

www.cpcwiki.com (Amstrad CPC Wiki)
www.cpczone.net (Big site dedicated to the CPC, high frequented forum)
www.cpctech.org.uk (my favourite site, a goldmine)
www.cpcgamereviews.com (all games for the cpc with excellent reviews!!!)
velus.be (many downloads of games)
www.zilog.com (needs no further comments)
www.amstrad.co.uk (manufacturer of the CPC computers)
www.locoscript.com (developer of the Locomotive-BASIC ROM)
www.z80.info (all about the Z80)

:: french websites ::

www.arkos.cpcscene.com (grab the arkos ROM)
genesis8 (Emmanuel Roussin's website)
cpcrulez.free.fr (superbe website about CPC and its programming, study it!!!)
www.ramlaid.com (a bunch of fantastic demos)