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  WinCPC is the Borland Delphi port of my first Amstrad CPC emulator called vbCPC.
vbCPC was written entirely in Visual Basic 6.0. The first code line was written in 1999, the emulation loop of the Z80. In about four years, vbCPC growed up to an emulator with an excellent speed for a VB6 project.

Then, in october 2004, I decided to discontinue vbCPC and began to rewrite the emulator in Delphi, which is much faster than Visual Basic. WinCPC offers much much more features than vbCPC, for example the integrated Z80 assembler...

...and... WinCPC is multilingual, german, english and french.

Have a look to the program history of WinCPC. (only in german)


+ Z80 with all undocumented OP codes
+ µPD765-A FDC support for two drive assemblies (floppydisc controller)
+ floppy drive noises
+ RAM banking up to 576kb/expansion of ROM
+ HD6845 CRT controller (type 0)
+ AY-3-8912 PSG sound chip
+ DSK and EDSK diskette images
+ CDT and TZX tape/cassette image
+ CDT to WAV converter
+ Joystick support
+ integrated debugger and periphery inspector
+ integrated Zilog Z80 assembler
+ integrated Intel 8080 assembler
+ SYMBiFACE II emulation
+ printer support into printer file
+ digiblaster support (enables to hear sound via printer port)
+ sound recorder
+ color, green or grey tone monitor with brightness and contrast adjustment
+ VDU emulation
+ GUI in english, french and german
+ 2-layer keyboard mapping
+ windowed or fullscreen mode
+ drag'n'drop of DSK/CDT and ZIP files

some screenshots:

start screen of the CPC 464

start screen of the CPC 664

start screen of the CPC 6128

CP/M plus

demo with 32k screen

end scene with nice sound

face hugger's demo (without digiblaster!!!)
digitalized pictures

claudia, displayed in grey scale mode

sorcery, what an amazing game

what?? you don't know chuckie egg?

get dexter

desktop of FutureOS

star trek demo using digiblaster

sign on message of SymbOS
SymbOS in action...