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I'll get back to you again. Many years ago I had a hard drive crash and lost all my work. Since then I have lost interest in my projects. In addition, the Z80 was discontinued by Zilog. With tears in my eyes I look back on a very interesting time. The Z80 is a great processor.
This website therefore only has an archive character. To all Z80 enthusiasts: have fun programming.


I found some free time to port a chunk of emulation code to an embedded Linux system:

*** MacCPC completion status 95% ***
Have a look to the projects site, a new emulator for OS X is growing, but this one is under construction yet.

Hi and welcome to my webpage dedicated to the 8-bit era in the beginning of the golden eighties. I began to write software on a Sinclair ZX81 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

1985 I bought a CPC 464 and afterwards a CPC 6128. On this home computer I learned to write some programs in this excellent Locomotive BASIC. In this four or five years of CPC era, I wrote many useful programs.

The CPC was replaced by a IBM compatible computer in 1990. On the 8088 and 80286 I wrote many little tools in assembler, but missed my CPC. Then I began looking for a CPC, but failed. So, after nine years I gave up and decided to write an Amstrad CPC Emulator in Visual Basic. vbCPC was born, but after four years, I had to rewrite vbCPC into a faster language. WinCPC is now my replacement of a real CPC.

By chance, I had the facility to buy a broken CPC 464. I repared and modified it to a self made CPC 464/6128 in a mini tower case.

Here I'm working on my self made CPC at the XzentriX 2005.

Well, on my website, you'll find a little collection of Amstrad CPC stuff, which surely will grow. Now, I'm active again. Z80 will be alive forever....
...your flynn ;)